More than 30 years of expertise in billing and management softwares adapted to your company

The best ally for your internal management

Customized softwares

Your business is unique. You have tried cookie-cutter solutions…without being fully satisfied. Let G2 give you a hand for a solution and features that will perfectly fit your needs.

Support and implementation

The most difficult for you is not to choose a software or a solution… it is the implementation. And you are right! G2 support you to smoothly manage the transition to your new system.

Saving time and money

Save time, reduce costs… Why not both at the same time? An affordable solution to better organize and do more in a few clicks, it exists!

Why Opt for a G2 Software in Three Words



Optimize your management with our solutions to monitor work in progress and our time sheets software. Keep your profitability using our tools that allows you to perfectly organize your billing management. Increase your accuracy and your productivity by opting for G2.



Be on the lookout for everything that is happening internally. Improve your control system with G2 and significantly decrease your margin of error.



Simplify the data entry by entering the data once in one module. G2 provides an integrated solution which connects all modules together. No more time loss, be interconnected with G2.