Distribution module - Dispatch
Hydrocarbon distributors

Propane gas, natural, oil, fuel oil and butane distributors, find the best solution which allows you to automate and simplify your activities via a single platform

Be more predictable

  • Avoid the problem of gaps between your forecasts and actual orders with the help of our advanced estimation system using sophisticated seasonal formula.
  • Be able to better plan the demand and the consumption cycles to maximize your delivery volumes.

Emergency deliveries system

  • Respond to emergency orders easily thanks to our tracking and inventory management modules.
  • Locate trucks nearby which can respond immediately to customer emmergencies. Never miss an opportunity to meet the needs of your customers by offering impeccable service.

Divide your recurring deliveries

  • Be able to set the repeat deliveries for each client in order to better plan your carriers’ routes.
  • Receive all the information for the deliveries of each vehicle in order to better segment your geographical areas.

Automate your billing process

  • Avoid time loss by automating the billing procedure. With G2 Logiciels solutions, you no longer need to manually enter the data.
  • Facilitate the follow-up of your invoices, thanks to a centralized database and a consolidated view of the billing.