Softwares for
Professional Firms

Learn how G2 Software can help you develop your time and billing management

Project Invoices

  • Invoice several projects on a single invoice
  • Increase your profitability by reducing unproductive hours devoted to account and billing management of your firm
  • Make decisions based on the actual status of the projects or the work, without having to wait for updates
  • Reduce delays 
  • Follow several projects for the same customer simultaneously

Work in Progress

  • Accelerate the payment of customer accounts
  • Facilitate transactional compliance
  • Transfer information more rapidly while improving data accuracy
  • Reduce or eliminate manual data processing by automating the routine transactions and save labour costs
  • Get multiple billing rates by project, employee and activity

Time sheets

  • Invoice your fees more quickly to improve your financial margin
  • Closely manage employee productivity by analyzing the more expensive tasks in terms of hours.
  • Be able to make decisions based on the actual status of your projects
  • Keep track everything you do
  • Provides a flexible and limitless billing rates tool

Accounting Management

  • Reconciliation between banking and accounting reports
  • Ability to make general ledger and journal entry enquiries
  • General ledger and financial statement trial verification
  • Quick access to an infinite number of accounting reports