Softwares for
Tires Dealers

Tires franchisees, retailers or wholesalers, simplify and optimize your management by integrating G2 features to your system

Billing Management

  • Write a flexible quotation for any request in a few clicks
  • Ensure a better coordination of ordering process activities
  • Automate the manufacturer’s credit on your national accounts purchases
  • Quickly detect bad payers and accelerate the payment of accounts to collect

Workshop Management

  • Coordinate with ease your appointment schedule
  • Simplify the way you send work orders
  • Access to the detailed history of repairs for each client
  • Optimize your customer relationship management

Stock Management

  • Follow stock in real time and follow the movement history
  • Manage the full order process in a few clicks: Buy internally, order, invoice and receive.
  • Replenish your inventory with the help of our solutions for economic order quantities
  • Facilitate the transfer of information on company operations between the various actors of the supply chain
  • Access the Web catalog of the different partners: NAPA, Carquest

Financial Management and Financial Statements

  • Access a dynamic management of the statements of account
  • Consolidate your financial statements easily
  • Process quantities in general ledger
  • Benefit from strategic and comparative reports, and dashboards that helps your decision-making
  • Automate your financial management, and keep your customer accounts up to date

We also offer these tools that will alleviate the complexity of your business

Management of Tire Storing

  • Find the right tire or right wheel easily in a few clicks
  • Easy access to the storage space
  • Simplify the storage organization with our barcode identification technology

Business Intelligence

  • Get the ability to capture and process data
  • Have a greater control over the decision-making process
  • Access various information in a timely manner

E-Commerce (B2B & B2C)

  • Access an integrated e-commerce online platform
  • Integrate points of sale systems easily to headquarter ERP solution for franchisees networks and chains.
  • Improve the purchase experience by simplifying the online sales process